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mug shots  
03:22pm 19/02/2013
Green Day Kid

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Dream, I have dreams  
08:33am 11/12/2012
Green Day Kid
Al thow we ran through the forest which is only of my dreams, a creek I have walked through many of times since I was a child, never got my feet wet once. We sat at the table, many of people we knew were there, you would not speak, nor would I. I am awake now houres later, wondering were we bouth there, was this a lesson, from my heart to the back of my head? The sun has risen in this time, I lay in silence. I will not be traveling this year. My store on hwy 20 is set to open in january of 2013. Ryan is doing better as the angry one slowley is starting to let go. This is the second one. Hope you catch this. And I'm sill crying. You silentley have been with me in dreams.

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tags: dreams
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peep hole  
09:06pm 10/08/2011
Green Day Kid
I got a trypod a few months ago, I have been able to use it a few times. I think its for a teloscope or an eye level.

This is a clip from from deep in the mendocino national forest, it was flipping 100* out. I was so watching for snakes. Enjoy

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start of green house  
10:56pm 26/04/2011
Green Day Kid
this is the project i landed the morning before we met, 22nd. Day two on it but so far only one day building.

location: fart sack
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The Weezel was late  
10:27pm 26/04/2011
Green Day Kid
he came out of this hole in the ground, almost sure it was at velencia and 14th. We walked back to the zite. Then this happened, an it just could not be stopped, he wanted me to show his lady friend Anna.

outch, no ear muffs this ones a head ach.
music: none, not there now
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Happy EASTER!  
04:07pm 24/04/2011
Green Day Kid
Miss knowing you, Good seeing you, bACK home crazy party about to begin. A few hours ago this is what I was doing I could only Imagine what you were doing.

Sorry to been the one to pull the plug,
Gotta get you to one of my bands shows,

location: in the woods
music: warning green day
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We are going places, together that is  
11:05pm 24/03/2011
Green Day Kid
Ryans confused, visiting Santa Rosa for a few days, from one pack of dogs to the next, where I go he dose, everyone else stays where we leave them, they are always where we left them...
music: oldies, they call it gold, oldies gold right?
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12:58am 15/12/2010
Green Day Kid
To all you who voted when I closed my eyes,

Yup Obama's change....he gave it to us and our children, most people didn't realize he meant pocket change. The day after that I shaved my head for the first time.

What change have you had to make for your self, living on un employment, lost your house, cant afford to see a doctor? Were you not born here? Are you hungry, are your children? The change he made was not correct, nor just, matter of fact he sold us, he gave the change to someone else. Communist pockets filled with your change.

Next time maybe you will vote for someone who was raised in America, perhaps served America. You know north Korea is only going to say nuclear war a few more times before they show it. Whats he going to do now sell north Korea our bombs to light up all our solders along the DMZ? your sons, brothers? That money wont pull us out of the recession. Today North Korea killed not just South Koreans, today they killed Americans, this is a change.

Remember that good American boy, the one who gave all for us. I think his name was on the ballot, John Mc something. It don't matter anyways, your president has separated him self politically from the angry radical church he raised his family in. What do you know about angry religious radicals other than suicide bombers, or a two thousand year old war started by them? Have you ever imagined this could change?

Remember the whole promise of change he sold you? Change can go many ways. All you are going to see is change for the better, the change you want, greener grass. One day the change came, the water turned a sick black color, all the life of the sea died. I so rather see a dolphin caught in a net about now, at least that would remind me of my youth. I wish that blue pond of water had not changed.

I wrote this, after hearing North Korea killed American soldiers today, ripping at my heart now, a few years ago this could of been the life my one and only brother. Was it your son, brother, relative, today in death it was all of ours. Every day the change promised dose not come, how many were killed in the mid east this year. I thought when we elected this fool, we had voted for this to change.

Your friend, an American, a christian, not a racist,
Greg Ledbetter

ps, if I signed barac obama, the line above my name would have to be changed.
mood: broken hearted
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another for ralphie  
12:20am 22/10/2010
Green Day Kid
This one is much less crazy, more civil.
i miss you like i did the water

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For Ralphie  
11:06pm 21/10/2010
Green Day Kid
check this out, good times with the Gee-tar!

cant find embed code for myspace videos any more
location: close to ryan
music: the cars, just what i needed
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